Thursday, April 5, 2012

Step Away From the Clippers

One morning not long ago I woke up to find our dog, Romeo, in a very...strange...dilemma. When I let him out to do his business he immediately squatted and looked as though he was having issues, which he most definitely was having. I'm not sure what he got into, maybe cat food or something "shared" with him from our dinner table, but it was firmly stuck right below his tail and was absolutely disgusting. I decided that coffee was needed to deal with something that gross and then, in the haze of feeding the kids and cleaning the house, I completely forgot he was outside, waiting for my help. (Bad, pet parent, bad!)

By the time I remembered, it was even worse. A good lesson for me in getting things done in a timely matter! The only thing I could think of to rid his behind of the hard rock of you-know-what was to shave it off. I grabbed the clippers and set to work. When I was done he was much better off, but he had a line next to his tail that looked awful so I decided to just bite the bullet and shear him, much like a sheep. However, I did not count on the clippers breaking in the middle of said shearing.

The nastiness on his rear was gone, but he ended up looking like he had mange. Poor Romeo!

I promise to never do that again...ever.

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