Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday. Monday. Monday.

Mondays...everyone's favorite day of the week. After a weekend of being obsessed with my son's bodily functions I was not exactly looking forward the beginning of the week. Being at home, alone, with a toddler that is barely starting to get the whole "going in the potty" concept is not my idea of fun. We also had soccer tonight, which would be the first time we had to deal with being out of the house without the security of diapers. On top of that, Riley, our 10 year old West Highland Terrier, acted very strange all weekend long. He was lethargic, wouldn't eat or drink, and wouldn't go outside. A trip to the vet was obviously necessary. Monday was looking to be rough.

We didn't make it through the night with no accidents. Around 4 am Brenden woke up crying and Tim found him very wet. Thankfully, the pad that we put underneath him worked very well and it was a quick clean up. He was not happy to be awake in the middle of the night and not an hour later he said he needed to go but didn't actually have to. I think he was just nervous about being wet again and was scared to go back to sleep without trying. He eventually fell back asleep and stayed asleep until 7:55 am. I am still shocked that he slept that long since I thought for sure he would be up early from now on. He was completely dry and happy to sleep in I guess! I tried to get him to go to the bathroom but he refused and I decided to trust him.

I think I'll trust him from now on. He told me EVERY SINGLE TIME he had to go to the bathroom, including the usually difficult #2. He also made it all the way through soccer with no problems. An entire day with no accidents. Whoo hoo!

And now...I will brag. Because that's what parents do, right? Brag when their kids do amazing things? (Or at least things that we find amazing.)

We left soccer and headed home, happy to have made it through that hour with no accidents. Then, five minutes from home we hear, "I need to potty." I think our hearts both stopped. So I said something I thought I wouldn't say for a little while longer. "Brenden, can you hold it until we get home?" Of course he said "Okay, mommy" because he's pretty agreeable most days. I kept repeating "We're almost home. Don't potty yet! Wait until we get home, okay?" He kept saying he would but really, how much can you trust a 2 year old? And it was so hard to ask him to wait when he had done so well all day.

Five very loooooong minutes later we made it home. I had my seatbelt off, the garage door open, and Brenden out of his carseat in record time. I don't think my big booty has moved that quickly in a while! And somehow, to my complete surprise, my 4 day potty trained little boy made it to the potty. I Not even a dribble! What's next kiddo? Algebra? Solving global warming? I'm pretty sure after this you can do ANYTHING. :)

What was up with Riley you ask? The poor guy has a disk in his back that is bulging and causing him a lot of pain. We're pretty sure our very "loving" little boy decided to show his affection by jumping or falling on Riley's back. I know he's just trying to play and doesn't realize that he's actually bigger than our 20 lb dog. He's crazy about our dogs, in a good way, and we just need to teach him that petting and hugging are the only way to love on them.

The vet gave us treats that will help with his joints and some anti-inflammatory medication. Both have already made a huge difference. He's eating and drinking again and seems much more like himself. He also has skin issues, which is something that comes with his breed. He obsessively scratches his back on the bottom of our coffee table which also irritates that disk. Once we get the inflammation down we're going to focus on his skin.

Funny moment of the day: The vet offering Riley one of his new treats and Brenden, who was not the biggest fan of the vet because he thought he was "hurting" Riley during the exam, decided he wanted one, too. "I have one?" he kept repeating. "Sorry, buddy. Those are just for dogs," the vet very nicely explained. What do you do when you're told only dogs get something? act like a dog! Brenden started panting and barking, looking hopefully from the vet, to the nurse, to me. We all died laughing but poor Brenden didn't get his treat. He sure tried, though! And he gave the vet and his nurse a good story for the day.

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