Friday, February 26, 2010

This and That

There wasn't a HUGE event happening this week and nothing crazy notable happened, but I still wanted to remember a few things that went on. Much easier to do in list form.

  • Brenden is doing wonderful with his potty training. We still have accidents, of course, but they are pretty rare. He's also doing great at night, usually waking up once between 4:30 am and 5:30 am for a quick trip and then sleeping until after 7 am. He loves to flush and tells the contents "bye!" He also has no problem using public restrooms as long as we take one shoe off and take one leg all the way out. (REMEMBER THIS, MOM! No more pee on the jeans, thank you very much.)
  • He's obsessed with Diego, which isn't so bad. He's learning about new animals and maybe he'll pick up some Spanish, too. He has a Spider Man watch which is now his direct line to Diego. If you've ever seen the show, Diego has a watch that his sister calls him on so that's where he got that. He's also a huge fan of Rescue Pack, Diego's helpful backpack, and has decided his little bag is now his personal Rescue Pack. Hopefully he doesn't expect it to turn into a raft or bicycle or something. He would be a little disappointed. He spends most of his time in the car calling Diego to "help him" I haven't figured that part out.
  • Riley is doing a ton better; finally wagging his tail and playing. The vet thinks that some laser treatment would do him good but I don't know much about it, yet. We're going to see how he does now that his pain medication is gone. Either way we have to get his skin problems under control. It's getting pretty annoying to all of us.
  • Brenden has learned his last name and middle names, although he won't say his full name. The best part is hearing him say his middle names. "Micheal David!" complete with finger point, exactly like I say when he's in trouble. Hilarious!
  • He's speaking much more clearly, although he still gets excited and resorts to babbling. He's a big fan of saying he's "tall" or telling me when something is "empty". His new phrase in the last few days has been, "Think, think, think. I have an idea!" He'll tap his temple with his index finger and then make the sign for having an idea. Oh my gosh, so funny. For some random reason he's also extremely fond of falling down or saying someone else has fallen down. The Olympics has given him a lot of chances to use that phrase. He's become a ham in front of the mirror which makes washing his hands a chore. I think we may need to cover it up for awhile.
  • Apparently I've grown quite a bit in the last 2 weeks. Yesterday alone I heard the phrases "Wow! You're really looking pregnant!" and "You're really taking shape!" Um...may as well just say what you're thinking..."What's up, fatty!" I know that no one means anything rude. And seriously, I'm getting big. She sticks straight out in front, is a lot lower than Brenden ever was, and likes to lodge her feet and hands into my spine and push her back out. Not only does it cause me to look bigger, if not completely misshapen, but it also huuuuurts. I'm already losing sleep because of it so I'm ready to be done. Sigh...
  • The best moment this week was watching him stretch and dance with the advanced girls at the dance studio. He actually did a few of the things right and made sure to tell the girls "Good job!" when they went to get a drink of water. He's going to be so sad when we aren't going back every week!
So those are my "things to remember" for this week. I know I'll appreciate it later since my brain retains information for about 10 minutes, if that. Yay for preggo brain!

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New Girl on Post said...

I love hearing updates about all of you.

That Brenden is such a little character! One of these days I must meet him in person. :)

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