Monday, March 1, 2010


There was a time in my life when I remember thinking, "I can't wait until Brenden can talk and tell me what he wants!" I also remember saying, "I can't wait until he can walk" but that's a completely different story.

So, on the subject of talking, he's learning new things every day, just like any other toddler. Some things are very clear. "I want that" or "I want more milk/a banana/a cookie" is pretty easy for anyone to understand. (Funny how he learned "I want..." so quickly!) Other things take some interpreting. I'd say I can understand him 80% of the time as long as he's not too excited.

This past weekend I experienced my first conversation with Brenden. I'm not sure why this one shocked me so much. I think it's because he asked questions and remembered facts that I didn't expect. And it was longer than "I want (something)" with me replying "I'm sorry, I don't have that" which is usually followed by "Oh no!" and some crying.

Brenden, talking to Diego through his watch: "I'm going to the dance studio!"

Me: "What was that?"

Brenden: "The dance studio!"

Me: "Oh, sorry babe. We go to the dance studio on Wednesday. We're going to Walmart."

Brenden: "To get mommy's medicine?"

(We had gone the night before to get my heartburn medicine, which took 2 weeks to finally get filled. Again...a totally different story.)

Me: "No, we got that yesterday. We're going to get food."

Brenden: "Okay." (resumes talking to Diego about how we aren't going to the studio, how mommy has her medicine, and we're going to Walmart now.)

It was a very short conversation, but it was still a conversation. He's actually remembering things that I don't expect him to, like the names of objects or what we did the day before. Yesterday we were talking about the boat with Mike and Connie and he told us he had to have his "jacket" on. As in his life jacket, which he hasn't seen since last August. This is scary! Who knows what else he'll remember and tattle on me to Tim about. :)

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Heather @critter chronicles said...

What a big boy! Yeah, it's a shocking revelation when you realize you're having actual conversations about everyday stuff with your children, that don't include "Stop doing this" or "It's time to...". Anthony's getting more and more coherent every day and I'm practically crying about it because I can't believe he's getting so big so quickly.

(Also, it's not you. My comments have disappeared. I don't know how to get them back. *sigh* Will work on in in all my "free time".) ;-)

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