Thursday, March 11, 2010

200th Post

It feels like yesterday that I started this blog, and then not long after that that we hit 100 posts. I'm so happy that we've kept up with it (Come on Tim! Post more! Oh have a job? Alright then.) :) I've been able to look back and remember how I was feeling, what Brenden was doing, and even once I used it as a reference tool. Our blog was never intended to be life changing for anyone, just somewhere I could remember our life changes. And I'm so happy that we have it.

I couldn't think of anything fun to do for this little 200th post. No big birth story like last time, no big announcements. I just figured I would update everyone on what we were all doing. Thanks again for taking the time out of your day to see what we're doing. Even though this blog is really for us, it's still nice to share our lives with our friends.


Still working hard, maybe a little too hard sometimes. If he's not staying late at work at Wallace then he's working on something for the Army at night. Poor guy deserves a break! That's pretty much consumed all of his time, although he said he'd really like a hobby. Anyone have any ideas on a good hobby for a soon-to-be father of two that barely has downtime already?


Still painfully pregnant...and whining about it. The last few days have been full of contractions and exhaustion. It's like when you pull a muscle, which is pretty much what is going on with my belly, and then you have to use it. It clenches and it HURTS. I think Tim asked me at least 10 times last night if I was okay. She's just low and trying to break my pelvis...that's all. The doctor did say on Tuesday that she is 5-ish lbs and most definitely head down so we're on our way. Only a few more weeks and she'll be here! I have got to get her nursery put together, her clothes hung up (we have WAY too many already) and my bag packed. Not having it done makes me nervous.


His potty training has had some rough times lately. Not sure what happened; maybe he's just bored with it? I'm sure he's bored with being at home so much. It takes a lot of energy for me to get up and go so we don't leave the house much. takes a lot of energy for me to walk to the kitchen to get a sandwich! Plus I get out of breath in about 2 seconds. I think he's excited about the baby right now, but we'll see how he feels when he realizes that she is actually staying with us. :) We found the PBS website last night and he looooved it. His favorite game was matching dogs in swimsuits to the innertube that was the same color as their suits. He knew them all! So even if he doesn't know the name of the color, he can differentiate. He's also a big fan of "helping" in the kitchen, although if you've ever had a 2 year old "help" you do anything you know how interesting that can be.

New, fun things Brenden will say/do:

"Daddy you're big. Mommy's big. Brenden's small. I'm small."

"I'm tall! TALL!" (So he's small AND tall.)

He can sing the Rescue Pack song. "Ooooh...Rescue Pack! Coming to the rescue!" So very funny!

Knowing the difference between "happy" and "sad". He has a great "sad face" that he pulls out for no reason, an "angel face" that, up until now was just when we asked him. Now...he's learned to use it when he wants something. Scary! He also saw his Wii character after he finished playing a game and it was making a not so happy face, which is what they do when you don't get a good score. He never cared before. Now, he'll say, "Oh no! Poor me!" He'll also deploy his "happy face" on us if we aren't paying attention to him. He'll tap us and just smile until we have to smile back. I'm pretty sure I did that when I was little, too, but I didn't teach it to him!


Grant Goodale said...

You sure do have a lot to say.

Heather @Critter Chronicles said...

Ooh, ooh! Tim should get a motorcycle! That's a GREAT hobby for a man with two young children and a resentful wife at home. ;-)

You'll be ready by the time she arrives - don't worry. I can't say how Brenden will do once she arrives because Brenna pretty much just pretended Anthony didn't exist. Just get used to the idea that you and Tim will each get a child once he's home each evening and you're responsible for THAT one. That's how we coped with the first couple months.

The Kellys said...

Grant, haven't I always? :)

Heather, Tim and I both died laughing at the motorcycle comment! And each taking a kiddo makes sense. I just hope he's up for it. If he'd just play with Brenden I'd be happy since I probably won't have a lot of energy to do that at first. EEK! Not looking forward to that.

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