Sunday, March 28, 2010

Baby Shower!

Saturday was the baby shower that Meredith, my future sister-in-law, was kind enough to put together for me. She and my mom did a ton of work and it was a beautiful day!

That morning Tim and I took Brenden to the open house at Soccer City, which is where he's been going for soccer. They had a bouncy house, clowns making balloons, face painting and soccer balls, of course. Brenden would have lived in the bouncy house but we talked him into doing a few other things. He did get his face painted and he requested a brown happy face, which was not what we expected at all. We have such a silly boy.

After that I headed to Bartlesville. The baby shower was held at the church we've been members at forever. Meredith, my mom and Connie made sure there was a TON of food, including frozen peas for me, and Meredith had the most adorable cake EVER made. I mean...look:

Soooo cute, right!?! She also had some really funny games. We played "My water broke!" which was a plastic cup full of water with a tiny, plastic baby in the bottom. We had to find a way to get the baby out. I think I saw my grandma Halter holding her cup over a lit candle...she's a bit crazy. :) After that, Meredith asked for 6 volunteers and wow...were they in for a surprise. They paired up and had to face each other, wearing trashbags like ponchos and blindfolded. They ended up having to feed each other baby food, which I know, from experience, can be disgusting. Amazingly, they all stomached it and it was a race to the finish! Connie and Susan won! The last game was the chocolate in the diaper, which can be absolutely nasty looking. My friend Andrea is apparently an expert on melted chocolate. She got them all correct. We also had a diaper raffle where everyone brought a package of diapers and were entered for a gift. I pulled Lynda's name out of the basket, which is Meredith's mom. :) It was all a ton of fun.

I got mine out!

The brave ladies!

Connie and Susan...the winners!

Andi and the icky chocolate diaper. :)

Then...the gifts. Lauren is already just as spoiled as Brenden! Clothes, more diapers, socks, bibs, stuffed animals, etc. She's set! Connie and Jessica even made me one of those adorable diaper cakes, which looks like it had to have taken hours to make. All those rolled up diapers! Somehow I fit it all into the car and when I made it home Tim helped me "ooh!" and "ahh!" over all of it again. We even found a spot for everything!

The diaper cake that Connie and Jessica made. :)

Tim is so happy he doesn't have to carry a pink diaper bag!

A HUGE thank you to Meredith for doing so much work!

My frozen peas!

Another GINORMOUS thank you to my mom, Alex, and Connie who did so much to help out.

And of course, thank you to everyone who could make it to celebrate with me.

You are all wonderful and I'm so very grateful!

Okay Lauren, we've made it past the maternity pictures and the baby shower. You can make your debut anytime now!

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