Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Justin!

(This is a little late due to this little thing called ME BEING PREGNANT. Sorry, Justin!)

My little brother's birthday was March 2nd and I'm feeling old. He said several times that he is now "closer to being 30 than 20 now that he is 26" and seriously, it's impossible for me to look at him and think of him as 26. I still see him as a little kid!'s so hard for me to think of him as older than this!

Last Saturday Justin invited us to go eat dinner with him at the new Buffalo Wild Wings in Bartlesville. One of the higher up dudes that does the openings came into his work to rent a car (he works at Enterprise) and it turns out that he went to school with Justin's manager. He invited Justin to the soft opening of the restaurant, which means that we were all going to get a yummy meal for free! Can't turn that down.

We all had a great time and the waitstaff was super nice. We were a party of 12 so they had to split us up between 2 tables but food! No complaints! Both tables got one appetizer, we all got an entree', and we shared one dessert. If you ever eat there you really have to try their deep fried bread pudding dippers. OH MY GOSH THEY ARE FABULOUS. I told Tim that if we lived any closer to the location in Broken Arrow that I would be requesting those every night. I would also weigh 400 lbs. :) They also offered everyone their first round of alcoholic drinks free and after that they were only $2. I think our table's tab was well over $100 and we ended up paying $8 plus a tip, all of which, including the money they were making off of drinks, went to the Boys and Girls Club.

So thank you, Justin, for inviting us out for a free meal! We hope you had a wonderful night!

He was reacting to his card...which happened to read "For the Birthday Girl!"
(Tim picked it out. I also made him sign it.)

My little poser. :)


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