Tuesday, March 23, 2010


We don't say we're "going grocery shopping" in this house. Nope...we "go to Walmart." This is not one of Tim's favorite activities. Why, exactly, does he dislike it? You would have to ask him. But Sunday. when a random snowstorm made the first few days of spring in Oklahoma as far from spring-like as you can imagine, he told me to stay home with Brenden and he would go shopping alone. I know he was happy to get out of the house after being holed up for the weekend but I'm pretty sure there are about 50 other places he'd rather go.

Off he went with a very detailed list. I only ended up calling him once to add something to it, but he surprised me by actually already having it in the cart. I don't think this trip was quite as bad as normal since the weather wasn't very nice and everyone was sticking close to home. He said it was pretty deserted.

He came back with more than what was on the list, which is not exactly uncommon. What was surprising was what the extras were. I needed a new pair of slippers, which was on the list, but while he was back near the shoes he was happy to find a cheap pair of shoes for Brenden. I had requested, several times in the past week, a big glass of sweet tea and some frozen peas. (Pregnancy cravings are WEIRD.) The peas were on the list, but he was nice enough to grab the sweet tea and then hide it in the back of the fridge to surprise me. He also passed some taquitos and thought of me since I had requested them on Saturday when we he ventured out to get us dinner. Who needs flowers when you get sweet tea and taquitos? (The answer to that is me...flowers are always good!) :)

Tim, next time you might want to screw up the shopping a bit. Getting exactly what we need and then surprising your wife with yummy extras? Remembering things that weren't on the list but should have been? Yeah...you may end up headed to Walmart alone more often than you'd like.

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