Thursday, March 4, 2010

Just Between Friends

This past weekend was the Just Between Friends sale, a HUGE consignment sale of everything you could possibly imagine for kids. Clothes, toys, books, DVDs, furniture, name it, it's there. We went last year with the whole crew, but this year we knew what to expect so we left Tim, Mike and Brenden at the house. (Brenden took a nap. Mike helped Tim do our taxes. Thanks, Mike!) We didn't realize that showing up when it opened meant that we would be in a line that stretched all the way behind the building. Just practice for checking out, really. It took a lot less time to get inside than I expected, but it was still long enough for any of the cheaper, good strollers and changing tables, the only 2 big items I wanted to look at, to be gone. We also completely forgot to bring anything to carry our purchases in. My arm is SORE. It wasn't until we checked out that they told us they have huge Ikea bags available to use. Just a little late for that information, thanks!

Not having a bag didn't stop us from shopping like crazy. We found a ton of clothes and accessories for Lauren and a few things for Brenden. The 4T aisle really didn't have all that much, although it may have been picked over pretty well by the time we made it over there. Brenden is crazy about his new Spiderman swim trunks and we were all crazy about the dress/coat/hat combo that Connie found.'s adorable. Both kids are set for a good, long time.

The line...oh, the line. I have never heard so many complaints. I actually tried to jump in about halfway through, completely unintentionally. Connie said that the guy I stepped in front of (there was a space! I had no idea!) looked like he was about to deck me. Honest mistake, I promise! I mean, if I was trying to "cut" I wouldn't have announced how happy I was that I made it to the end. :) Eventually we made it back to the end, which just so happened to be exactly where we started looking for it. We didn't know it had actually doubled back around. Thank goodness they were giving away bottles of water.

By this time my 33 week pregnant feet and hips were aching and my arms were just not going to take it anymore. Connie offered several times to hold my stuff but there was no way I could have done that. She had her arms full, too! Then...inspiration hit me! I had my coat, which happens to be Tim's coat because all of mine are way too small, and I made a make shift bag out of it. When we eventually made it to the registers an hour later the lady actually thought it was a bag and when she realized it was a coat was very impressed! I gotta take my compliments where I can get them. (She also thought I had to be almost ready to pop and told me she was so sorry I still had 7 weeks left. Wow...I must be huge.)

All in all, a productive day. A huge thanks to Connie for braving it with me again this year! And for practically paying for all of it. I think I need to put a note on our registry that clothing is really not needed. Diapers and wipes...desperately need those!


Shannon said...

Hey...just came upon your blog when searching for Just Between Friends complaints! I was happy to read that you actually found some great things and left with lots to show for your sore feet. I have to say that your experience sounds like my sale...we had really long lines and handed out water bottles. We also had a line that wrapped around and around and around. I couldn't tell if you were from Tulsa or not....Thanks for writing about your experience. If you are in me and I will hook you up with a presale pass for this upcoming sale. Thanks for writing about JBF! Hugs, Shannon Wilburn

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