Tuesday, February 2, 2010

One of THOSE days (and it's not even over)

I know everyone has those days....where everything just doesn't seem to go as planned and every little annoyance builds up until you want to put your fingers in your ears, squint your eyes shut really tight, and squeal until tomorrow. Today just happened to be one of them for me...and it's not even over. (And yes, I know it could be worse, much worse. I know that things could be REALLY bad. But it still gave me a headache and you know, it's my blog so I get to complain if I wanna. Right?)

Brenden woke up at 7:40 am...which isn't bad. (it's not 5:45 am!) It's still at least an hour earlier than he had been waking up and it makes me nervous. I'm really enjoying sleeping until 8:30 am, thank you! Normally Tim would be long gone; he either goes to work out or run and then goes to work. Today he had to take the dogs to the groomer and she doesn't do early drop offs so he didn't leave until 7:45 am. Just long enough for Brenden to be super happy to see his dad and then be crushed when he left. Tim taking the dogs with him made Brenden's mood that much worse. All day long he was upset, running through the house, looking out the back window, trying to find them. This is why I don't take the dogs anymore. Brenden thinks we're giving them away.

The good thing about an earlier wake up is an earlier nap time and I took advantage of that completely. I don't always nap when he naps anymore, I think it's bad to get my body used to that since it probably won't be an option when Lauren is here. It was nice today and I'm glad I did it. My mood would probably be a million times worse right now if I hadn't. I was a little nervous though since the crib was scheduled to be delivered, any time between 8 am and 2:30 pm. They really narrow it down, don't they?

So at 2:30 pm, when the crib was obviously not at my house yet but the dogs were ready to be picked up, I called the warehouse back. The lady I spoke with told me I wasn't listed as a delivery today but that I could talk to some dude named Gordon who, apparently, runs everything. Gordon claimed he had just called me and left a message saying the crib wasn't even at the warehouse yet, which is impossible since the number they have for us doesn't have an answering machine. (I made sure to mention that to him) He's lucky I wasn't too keyed up yet because, since it was 2:30 pm and the stupid crib wasn't even at the warehouse yet, how in the world were they planning on delivering it that day? And why would they not CALL ME to let me know it would have to be rescheduled?!? I'm supposed to sit here all day and wait for these people I guess.

After calling to complain to Tim I set off to get the dogs. The ATM we always use would not read my card, no matter how I begged and pleaded and held my breath. My first thought was that my card was messed up but after driving out of the way to find another ATM I figured out it was just the stupid machine. (Why did I need the ATM? Our groomer only takes cash or checks...no cards. Just a slight pain in the neck.)

Eventually I made it to the veterinarian, which holds both the vet and the dog groomer. After driving around the building twice (Tim told me it was in the back but I guess he didn't hear me when he said I wanted to go to the VET first not the GROOMER) I found it. I had to pick up cat food for our one-kidney-cat Maverick (special kidney friendly stuff I guess) and they had ordered the wrong size bag. The teeny tiny bag. I KNOW they can get the bigger bag and when I asked for that the next time she told me she wasn't sure that was possible. Oh really? What did we get LAST time chica? SHEESH. Then her big old dog decided to growl at my son and I about lost it. Maybe he should at least be a leash???

I figured I would drop the food in the back of the car and then walk through the vet to get the dogs. The seriously annoying nice lady told me "no way" to walking that way...she must not have kids or know how getting them in and out of the car can be a bit of a chore, especially for a woman who is 29 weeks pregnant with a kid that weighs 36 lbs. Off I went to wrangle my kid into the car and try to find the back door to the stupid groomer.

I'm not sure what else is back there but there were a TON of cars lined up in the parking lot, all blocking my way to where I needed to go. This is about where I threw my phone. Does that make any rational sense? No. But that's how I was feeling. I was annoyed and my heartburn was starting and I had a kid in the back seat screaming, "Romeo! Riley! ROMEO! RILEY!" over and over.

Eventually I got the dogs and we made it home. Nothing else happened on the way, Brenden was content to hold the ends of the leashes and talk to the dogs like he hadn't seen them in 4 years, and I sat down to type this post and get it out of my head. Right now Brenden is running back and forth between throwing a ball for Romeo, jumping on his bean bag, and terrorizing Riley with that toy that pops when you push it.

At least the dogs look spiffy...for about 5 more minutes. Our backyard is doing a great impression of a swamp after all the snow melted today so our very white dogs will be back to not so white pretty quick.

"I haven't seen you in SO LONG!"

"Ball? Ball? Ball?"

"Um...I'm not so sure about what you're holding there. Why is it flashing?"

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