Wednesday, December 15, 2010

8 Months Old!

Eight I swear Lauren was just born, yet here she is, a little person with so much strength, so much personality. She's our little thinker, an observer. When she first picks something up it doesn't go directly into her mouth. It will make it there eventually, but she'll examine every angle of it first. If she figures something out then she's good to go, there's no stopping her!

This month she has learned so much. She's crawling like crazy, even though it's only an Army crawl, but it gets her around. She's pulled up a few times and has even let go of my hands to reach for something. Once, she let go of Tim's hands and fell straight forward. So scary! But we were all okay.

Off I go!

Her other new found development is the control of her hands. She is picking up food and feeding herself and, most importantly, waving like crazy. She'll also sign "milk" and has tried to get the hang of "more" and "all done". I'm sure, if we keep working with her, she'll be signing away in no time.

Go Pokes!

Thanksgiving we were so thankful to be with family, and very thankful that Lauren's first 2 teeth popped through without any major complaints. I think she's as amazed by them as I am. I often find her running her tongue over them or gnawing on her fingers just to see what they feel like. They are, by far, the 2 cutest baby teeth I've ever seen.

She was helping me wrap presents.

Lauren, you have changed so much in such a small amount of time. Every day I am surprised at what you can do, and I know that you will continue to amaze me. We love you!

8 Months Old!

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