Monday, December 6, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

This year we decided to try to miss out on a slippery, icy voyage to Colorado in December and instead headed out for Thanksgiving. It was fabulous! We even had a few days where it was warm enough to be outside for longer than 2 minutes.

The best thing, besides sleeping in all the time (Thank you again Karen and Rick!) was that Brenden and Lauren were able to see their great-grandma Pat. I am so happy about that.

A quick run down of everything we were able to fit in to one week:

A wonderful visit with friends on Sunday. Brenden is still asking to see his friend.

A trip to the Butterfly Pavilion. We got to hang out with Rosie the Tarantula, pet a sea star, and stay warm while seeing some gorgeous butterflies.

A trip to the Denver Children's Museum. I highly recommend it for anyone with small children. They have something for all of them! Both kids had a great time playing in the train room, shopping in the grocery store, playing with bubbles and painting.

Thanksgiving was so very yummy! My favorite dish? Karen's sweet potatoes. I'll have to put that recipe up someday.

Friday we took family pictures. A huge thanks to Karen for doing these for us. They turned out great! We were also able to see our friends Anne-Marie, Shebree and James, and meet little Parker. It was awesome!

Even though we woke up late on Saturday, we were still able to make it home at a decent time. Surprisingly, the trip only took 12 hours and we didn't feel like we were going to pull our hair out. I did spend the last hour lounging on the cooler that was between the kids in the back, but it went by quickly.

One last thing...we have to say THANK YOU to Mike and Connie for letting us borrow their Expedition. The dvd player, wireless headphones (which Brenden called earrings) and navigation were great!

Even if we had stayed at the house, doing nothing all day, it still would have been a great trip because we were able to see our family. Thank you Karen, Rick, Pat, Jason and Chrissy for making our Thanksgiving trip perfect.

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