Wednesday, January 26, 2011

(Not at All) Wordless Wednesday

The phrase to best describe out household the past two weeks? "Sickly, but managing...barely."

Brenden was actually the last of us to catch the crud and he seems the least bothered by it. I'm not sure if he is actually past it or if it will hit him hard at the end, like it did with Lauren and I.

Poor Lauren has had a rough two weeks. First it was all the nasty gunk in her head, then an ear infection, and on top of that she managed to catch a week long stomach virus. Yesterday was the first time she had any formula that actually stayed down since last Thursday and today she finally ate real food and seemed to enjoy it. It was so scary to see her unable to eat and only want Pedialyte. She went from 20 lbs 5 oz down to 19 lbs 1 oz in less than a week and her hands and feet were never warm. I'm hoping we're past the worst of it and that she's good and healthy for a very long time.

Our 6 year anniversary was Monday and that night I started feeling terrible. I had been feeling cruddy for awhile but then the entire left side of my face just started to ache. It hurt to bend down, it hurt to blink. Even my teeth and the roof of my mouth were sore. I knew I couldn't wait any longer to head to the doctor. I was lucky to get in on Tuesday and she diagnosed me with an ear/sinus infection. If that pain is what Lauren was dealing with I'm not surprised she didn't sleep. It was terrible! Not much of an anniversary. Thank goodness we're really celebrating on Saturday!

Tim has been lucky. He did start to feel kind of gross but I don't think it got nearly as bad as any of ours. Let's hope it stays that way.

I hope everyone's families are past the nasty part of this season. Anyone else ready for summer???

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