Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Slow Down, Sister!

I remember Brenden's milestones vaguely. I remember about what age he was and how excited every new skill made me. He progressed pretty normally, doing something new every once in awhile, although he did learn to pull up and walk along furniture a full month before he started crawling.

And now we have Lauren, clumping new skills together, doing something completely unexpected, and surprising me every time I turn around. One day, when she was 4 months old, I laid her on her back on a blanket so that I could go to the bathroom and returned to find her on her stomach. I didn't even realize she was trying to roll over! Plus, aren't babies supposed to roll from their belly to their backs first?

She's been scooting around on her belly for awhile but I was completely surprised when she quickly and easily made her way up the tiny stairs in our playroom on her first try. Maybe she's been practicing while we're asleep?


This past week has been one thing after another after another. She's been pulling up on all of us for awhile, but just this weekend realized that furniture, toys and the baby gate worked just as well. Then she figured, "I'm already up here, I might as well shuffle along on my own, too! One handed? No problem!" She clapped for me the first time other other day, which Tim still hasn't seen, and started signing "All done." Two days ago I went to get her out of bed and found her laying there, watching her mobile turn. I have no idea how she turned it on. She clicked her tongue at me all day yesterday, while giving me high fives for the first time.

All done!

Today was no less full of new things. This morning I walked in to give her the pacifier back so that she could go to sleep. I stopped at the doorway because her head was not where I expected it to be. Yes, it was still on top of her neck, but I thought it would be on the mattress, where it normally is. Nope! She was sitting straight up, staring at me, with her pacifier firmly clamped in her mouth. When in the world did she learn to sit up like that?

Blurry cell phone picture for evidence!

Not an hour ago, during her 2nd nap, she was whining again. Back into her room I went, and again I stopped short. There was my daughter, who I thought might be sitting again, standing up in her crib. SO many new opportunities have opened up to her now!

I'll never fall asleep easily again!

I had just remarked to Connie, Tim's mom, today about how I keep thinking Lauren is going to walk early but that she'll probably be one of those babies that waits until she's completely ready to do so and it won't be for a long time. Now I'm scared that next week she's going to wander into the kitchen, walking like she's been doing it for years, all while fixing herself a bottle, or some other craziness.

My brain is not prepared, and neither is my heart. Lauren, slow down! You're my last baby and I'm not ready for you to be a toddler!

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