Thursday, March 17, 2011

11 Months Old!

Apparently, turning 30 addled my brain so much that I forgot to take pictures of Lauren on the 15th! So, here's what she is doing at 11 months 2 days.

One more month and she's ONE. This is...inconceivable. I clearly remember being pregnant with her. All the pain and the excitement. And now, here she is, wandering all over the house, driving Brenden crazy and learning new things every day.

She has 3 new teeth, all on top. They're not tiny, and they aren't very close together, so we (lovingly) call her Sponge Bob. :) Teething hasn't been easy for her, especially since she's had so many ear infections. I just keep repeating that someday, we'll be done with teething. Someday!

She's not walking yet, but we've seen a few random steps in between toys and furniture. She is trying to repeat everything we say, and sometimes she's successful. I've heard her say "cup," "Jake," "kitty," "ball," "hi," "uh oh," and something that sounds like "I got it!" She can throw a ball, which Romeo loves, and makes funny faces at us all day long. She's found her sense of humor for sure and is starting to smile at strangers when we're out. She'll even wave and say "hi," just like her brother.

She's even more independent than Brenden, and will let you know when she's not happy. She loves books, especially when we let her hold them so she can point at the words, music and dancing. Patty cake is her favorite song and she knows all the hand motions. Every day she is so excited to get up, to learn, to have fun. Every day is such a joy!

Happy 11 month (2 days) birthday, Lauren! We love you!

Eleven months old!

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