Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I'm happy to report that the whole kerfuffle with Brenden and the classroom misplacement seems to be completely resolved. He came home on Thursday practically glowing. I have not seen him that happy after school in awhile. He told me about school, sang me some new songs, and was better behaved than he has been in a long time. I thought he might enjoy school more in the right classroom, but this was a nice surprise. The next day I watched him dance around the house, happily singing songs that he's made up by himself, amazed at the difference. His creative side is just blossoming!

I'm not sure which factor is most influencing the big change. It's could be any number of things. Being around kids his own age probably helps a ton, especially since his behavior won't stand out as so obviously different. Understanding what they are learning about and not feeling lost has probably made a big difference as well. I know how frustrated he can get, and how he acts when he feels that way, so being able to actually learn will make him much happier. A teacher that works well with him, understands when he gets tired, and helps him enjoy school absolutely helps as well.

I made the decision last night to walk him into class today instead of handing him off at the door, just so I could let his teacher know just how happy he was. I told her what a change I had seen in just a day, and thanked her. I know saying "thank you" isn't much, but I felt like I needed to let her know what a great time he's having and that I think she's doing a great job.

There has been a lot in the news about teachers, their wages, and what their job is worth. I don't know exact details on the debate, but I will always be on the side of good teachers never being paid enough. I know that I can't pay her more, but I can definitely make sure she knows that what she's doing is noticed and appreciated.

My happy, handsome little man.

Saying "thank you" isn't much, but saying it can make a big difference. Who in your life would appreciate hearing those two simple words today?

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