Thursday, May 26, 2011

Brenden's School Performance

When we enrolled Brenden in Preschool, one of the things I was most looking forward to was the end of the year performance. Brenden is quite the entertainer at home and I was curious to see how he would act on stage.

We were joined by grandma and grandpa Warehime, grandma and grandpa Kelly, and uncle Justin and aunt Meredith. Brenden was so excited! When we told him he couldn't go on stage immediately he started crying, which worried me a little. What if he was one of those kids that got on stage and froze! I should have known better.

He had a blast! And every song that they performed was absolutely adorable. Lauren had a blast, too! She stood in the middle of the aisle, doing a boppy little dance and clapping and yelling for all the kids. I think she wanted to climb up there, too. Great...two performers in my house!

At the end they had a slideshow for all of the graduating pre-k kids. I was almost bawling and they weren't even my own! Then they had them walk down the aisle and handed out diplomas. The whole thing was great.

I'm so impressed with the school as a whole. I feel so lucky that I happened across them in my search for a decently priced, nearby school. I cannot wait for Brenden to start back in September. I know he'll miss it!

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