Monday, May 16, 2011

While the Computer Was Away...

This past week Tim stole took the computer with him to Atlanta for work so I was stranded! That's not completely true...Karen had two computers at our house but I hate using her work computers for personal use. So, I was computer-less for soooo loooong! Here's what happened while the computer was away:
  • Mother's Day! This was the day that Tim left, but I was still super spoiled. We had my parents, my grandma Warehime, my brother, and Karen and Rick over for a bar-b-que. We even ended up watching Happy Gilmore, but I'm not sure how that happened. The kids made me some wonderful paintings (with some help from Tim) and I got some beautiful flowers from Karen and Rick.

  • Somehow it worked out to where Karen was able to stay with us while Tim was gone. The timing was absolutely perfect! I was able to work out, Karen got to play with the kids, and we all went to the park and to the mall to play. The kids now have a ton of summer clothes, and I even got some adorable shoes. What would have been a very stressful week ended up being a blast. Thank you, Karen!

  • My friend Valerie got married on Saturday! She was a stunning bride and all the Bunco girls had a wonderful time! Congrats Valerie and Chris!

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