Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Baby Ballet

The thought of Lauren being old enough to enroll her in dance makes me ridiculously happy and completely weepy. Where is my tiny baby? Where did my serious little girl go? Apparently she's been replaced by a moody, screaming, opinionated teenager that is trapped inside my 2 year old's body.

I knew that the morning of dance class would be exciting for many reasons and Lauren did not disappoint. She was okay with the tights but as soon as I pulled on her leotard (with the sparkly tutu...what little girl as girly as mine hates a sparkly tutu???) she was in full on drama queen mode. She flung her self down, flailed, kicked, screamed, and yanked at her outfit. "No! Don't want it! TOO SMALL! NOOOO!"

I was already prepared for this reaction so I grabbed my camera, snapped a few shots of her tantrum, and loaded her in the car. Ignoring her outbursts is usually the best idea for everyone involved.


 By the time we drove into the parking lot at the dance studio she was just fine. She recognized the building and started saying, "Dance, dance. I want to dance." over and over. Of course she pulled the "shy" card when we first walked in, but that lasted all of 3 seconds. From then on, she was a happy, dancing princess.

Complete with a crown.

She paid attention, danced to every song, and had an all around fantastic time. I'm so excited that she loves it and actually participates. I hope we can keep this up for a long long time.

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