Wednesday, November 5, 2008

French Fried Goodness

Tonight we were lucky enough to be able to meet GiGi, Papa (AKA Ginny and Dan), Mike and Connie for dinner. Dan has tax school this week so he and Ginny are in Tulsa for a few days. This marks the 51st year he is attending. (WOW right!?) We decided to meet at Red Robin since they have some awesome french fries, and it's close to Dan and Ginny's hotel. Brenden did a great job of feeding himself a dinner of grilled cheese, mandarin oranges, and of course those scrumptious french fries.


Tim and I are both super excited that he has learned how to feed himself, although his skills with a spoon are a little lacking. Actually, I think his reluctance to use a spoon is less about skill and more about laziness. It's much faster to have momma feed him! So, even though the beginning of our day was a little hectic (that's a different post entirely) it ended on a great note. :)

Mike, Dan and Brenden

Cool kids wear glasses!

Can I eat your necklace, GiGi?

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New Girl on Post said...

Hey Amanda! It's Melissa. I thought I remembered you mentioning you had a new blog. I thought I'd let you know that I don't really blog on MySpace that much because I prefer blogging on here, so feel free to stop by!

P.S. I love the picture of Brenden with the glasses

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