Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I rocked the vote!!

Ok, so my candidate did not win the presidential election but I did have an interesting time at the voting church. That is what they are here in OK they are voting churches, because all the voting places are churches. So I get to the voting church around 7 am and there is already a line, it was not long, but still a line. So I get in the line for A-K last names and wait like everyone. I get to the door and and realize the A-K line is much longer than expected b/c it wraps around in the church's kitchen and I can't even see the end of the line.

So the sample ballot is there on a table just inside the door and I start to read and I consider myself somewhat knowledgable about what is going to be on the ballot in OK. There is the usual Senator, Representative, and of course the President, and the measures for Oklahoma legislature. But there is another section about judges and whether or not to let them stay on their seat as a judge. Who knows judges!? I sure didn't and later I talked to come co-workers and they always vote to send them packing. So I read through the names thinking maybe just maybe I might know one of them, nope. Not one rings a bell. So I think to myself, maybe I'll flip a coin, guess, or pick the ones to stay who have the coolest names. But I decided to just not vote on those. But most of the decisions I made on who to vote for before I got to the voting church.

So I am almost up to the table to get my ballot and have to pass the exit where a lady is passing out the "I Voted" stickers. I have deemed her the "I Voted" Sticker Nazi. Yes, you were getting an "I Voted" sticker whether you wanted one or not. One lady was exiting and tried to take the sticker and put it on herself, Oh no!, the Sticker Nazi has to put it on you herself. And she just can't put it anywhere, she has to put it on your shirt, well since it is a cool morning she opens your jacket for you and puts it on your chest area. Now, you don't have a say in whether you get one or where it goes, just know the Sticker Nazi is putting a sticker on your shirt! But, while I was standing there one woman tried to tempt fate and not get a sticker. She was polite and said no thank you, some people don't like stickers. That does not go over well with Mrs Sticker Nazi, she gets angry and mumbles impolite words under her breath as the woman walks out the door. Thank goodness the line moved because I didn't want to hang around any longer.

I now have my ballot in hand and go the voting booth, and these are not the voting booths shown on tv,. with the curtain and privacy, they are just cardboard thrown on a table, but I get to vote. So, I vote for my candidate and not the judges and run my ballot through the scanning machine and now I have to face the "I Voted" Sticker Nazi. I thought about just running out the door as she tries to put a sticker on me or zipping my jacket up so she can't get to my shirt. But, I decide that the easiest way to get out the door is to show my shirt and have her put it on. I did escape.

So, congratulations to all the winners and Barack Obama. I hope he proves me wrong.

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