Monday, November 10, 2008


Today we didn't get the call we've been waiting for since February, but we did get a call that made our life a million times easier. We have renters!!! It's a military family that had turned in their application online a few weeks ago but didn't want to make a decision until they actually saw the house, not just pictures. They viewed the house yesterday, signed the lease today, and started moving in tonight. Our house was still on the market but our realtor is OK with releasing us from our contract with her without a penalty. The lease runs through June with the option to renew it annually, which means that we can put it back on the market next summer if the market has rebounded.

As happy as I am to have a lot of the weight of the mortgage lifted, it is still strange to have someone living in our house. It would be different if they had bought our house because then it would no longer be "ours". I wouldn't feel like complete strangers were sleeping in MY bedroom. I know that part of my problem is that we never intended to be landlords and I was really hoping to sell it and move on. However, I'm sure that in a month or two I will feel like our rental house in Tulsa is "home" and our old house is in the past. (Apparently I haven't adjusted to life in Oklahoma completely.) Just give me a few more months and I'll be jumping for joy. For now, I'll just stick to a small happy dance. :)


New Girl on Post said...

Well I'm glad now that you have a little relief with someone renting your house even though I know you'd prefer someone to buy it.

Oh a zoo pass is an amazing Christmas present. Kudos to you for thinking of that, because I never would have!

Grant Goodale said...

I love the new layout guys. Also the signature is a nice touch. I think you're ready to start doing some serious editorials!

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