Friday, January 30, 2009

Big Personality Part 2

As previously mentioned, Brenden has developed a very funny personality. Some of the things are just plain funny, others are weird, and some are scary. (His willingness to go to strangers is good and bad.) So here is a new round of unique things that we have noticed.

He has a very interesting way of eating peanut butter crackers, which he loves. He doesn't just take bites and chew them. He doesn't even stick the whole thing in his mouth, which apparently is something he reserves for nilla wafers. He's decided that he likes to pull them apart and eat the peanut butter first. He scrapes it off with his fingers or teeth, or just sucks on the cracker until it's gone. He won't even start eating the crackers until he's sure that all the peanut butter is gone from all the crackers on his tray. Even when he does start munching on the crackers, he doesn't eat all of them. Half of them end up in his lap, and the rest are distributed between the floor and Riley. I'm pretty sure Riley has gained a few pounds since Brenden figured out how to feed him.

The things that don't frighten him surprise me, especially since most of them are things that kids are supposed to be afraid of. Like loud noises, which he seems to love. I'm not sure if it's a boy thing, or just a Brenden thing, but he loves fireworks and the noise of the vacuum cleaner. Maybe it's because Tim vacuumed around him when we first brought him home so he could become accustomed to the noises. I know it's nothing to do with his ears, since his hearing is fine. He just seems to enjoy them. He also has no problem wandering through the dark dance studio at night when everyone else leaves. We noticed when he was little that he preferred a completely dark room when he fell asleep, but I didn't realize that he would be OK with it when he was running around. I hope that continues when he's older. I was terrified of the dark when I was little and I'd hate for him to inherit that from me.

He has the strange ability to figure out how electronics work, which I'm going to assume comes from having a dad that is an engineer. My brother, who is almost 25 years old, couldn't figure out how to use my cell phone so I figured Brenden wouldn't have a clue how to use it. It took him roughly 30 seconds to figure out how to unlock it and a few more minutes to realize that the pictures on the screen were buttons. I thought it was a fluke, so I handed it to him again later. He knew exactly when way to turn it and had it unlocked even faster. He's seen me use it every day so he probably picked up how to do it from seeing that. Then at Christmas he was handed several different phones from the family and he figured out how to use those as well. He has no problem turning on a TV, either with or without a remote, and learned very quickly that when he swung the Wii remote it made the picture on the TV move. I think he may like it almost as much as Tim and I do.

Pitching during a game of Wii baseball. He's a natural!

So those are the new things that have amazed me. There are several other things, but that would take at least 30 more minutes to type out. I can save a few for later. By then he may be doing something even more crazy. Never a dull moment!

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