Monday, January 12, 2009

No Fun

Today I took Brenden to the Tulsa Allergy Clinic for a patch test. I had no idea what we were getting into. I had been assured that they weren't going to stick any needles in his poor little back, which is what they did when he was 7 months old, so I thought this would be easier. I'm not so sure that this method is any better.

After arriving on time at 8:55 am for his 9 am appointment, which is amazing for me since I had done my hair and makeup, had fed Brenden, changed him, and even let the dogs out, we waited for 45 minutes. It didn't bother Brenden too much. We had a ton of people there for him to talk to. Most of them had received allergy shots so they were stuck there for 30 minutes until they were sure to not have a bad reaction. They enjoyed his use of sign language and thought his dancing was funny. When we finally got back there the nurse showed me exactly what was going to happen. They take 2 large strips of paper tape with little pockets of different foods, slap it on Brenden's back, then tell me to come back on Wednesday. Um...ok. What do I do in the meantime? Well, we can't get it wet. We can't touch it. No Allegra for itching. If he has a reaction to anything bring him back. On Wednesday they take it off, check it, and then his back can get wet, just don't scrub. Come back on Friday to make sure nothing is still reacting. I'm staring in shock at this huge thing on Brenden's back, trying to decide just how long it will take him to tear it off, either with his hands or some random object, like the remote control. Thankfully Brenden sat quietly in my lap while all of this went on. He never cried or even whined, just gave me a look like he was confused and went along his merry way.

I'm not sure if we'll make it to Wednesday, and then to Friday for his last check up. So far, so good. Check back with us tomorrow, though.

It takes up his whole back. Poor guy.


Heather @CritterChronicles said...

Poor thing! I bet you're going to (try to) revert back to feeding him, rather than letting him feed himself, huh? No baths until Wednesday! Yikes!

Is this series of testing to find out if he has more allergies? Or to find out if he's outgrowing the ones you already know about? Good luck to you both!

The Kellys said...

Yeah...that doesn't work so well now. There are a few things he'll let me feed him, but it's hard. We're doing our best! He's in for a good soaking tomorrow night though.

More allergies. The kind that he will react to if they come into contact with his skin, not just eating them. They didn't want to test for eggs again yet and we know he's crazy allergic to a lot of dogs. The red patches on his face when he grabs them are obvious. :( So sad! He loves all dogs!

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