Friday, January 16, 2009

Still aggravated, and waiting for some real answers.

Brenden woke up at 7 am today, bright and early for his last visit to the allergist. I think he may have been trying to tell me he was ready to get back on his Allegra. So we got out of the house at 8:30 am, although I definitely didn't look my best, but no one looks at me when I'm toting around an adorable toddler. (More on that later.)

So we get there and are almost immediately taken back. The nurse looks at his back and I expected to hear that it looked better. "Uh oh, he reacted to more," she said. What?! I cannot see what she sees, because the little red dots on his back don't seem to stem from just one spot. Yes, the soy and wheat dots are still bad, I get those. But to say he's allergic to oranges when there is no difference from Wednesday? That woman seems crazy to me. So I ask if the doctor is in and if she will look at him. "No, she's not in yet." Ok, I'll just go back and sit down until she's here. That didn't seem to go over well. Maybe they aren't used to aggressive parents, although I'm pretty sure I wasn't being remotely aggressive, just asking for answers to his test. Isn't that why I went back?

So after about 30 minutes of waiting she comes back to tell me he's on a strictly rice diet: rice cereal, rice milk, rice crackers, rice cheese. (What the heck is rice cheese?) Um...didn't he react to rice, too? HELLO! That one had more of a reaction than milk! Now I'm really skeptical. I still haven't seen the doctor and I'm starting to think she isn't even in the office. I did get the OK to give him his Allegra, which was the first thing that I did when I got home. Of course I had to ask if that was alright, no one thought to tell me.

Tim was not at all pleased with the response we got and decided to call the office himself. I'm not sure if they ever called him back but at the moment he's preoccupied. Eleven people were laid off at his job today, all of them from the structural group, and it made him nervous. He is in the civil group and they had their own meeting where they explained that the civil side of things is secure and they have more than enough work to keep them all on. They are even hiring someone in the next month or so that used to be an intern. The civil group is also much smaller, which helps. But Tim feels terrible, he's the newest person in the entire office and hates that people who have been there longer are now looking for a job. I tried to explain that he shouldn't feel bad, especially since they are hiring someone new, but it didn't work. I think he is also worried that his job isn't as secure as they say. If that ever happened (knock on wood) he always has the Army to fall back on, but that's only if he can't find another job. It made me feel better to have a backup plan, but he still seems down.

On a much happier note, Brenden was a big hit at the clinic today. The nurses ate him up, from his dancing to his waving to his kisses. Yep, my son kissed a nurse today. Such a friendly baby! They thought it was great and passed him around and around. Of course I watched him the entire time, but I felt pretty secure knowing they weren't going to run off with him. He was more than happy to have an audience, and LOVED the sucker they gave him. That was a nice, sticky mess to clean up. At least the nurse gave him a light colored one that would come out of his shirt easily.

So my poor, itchy baby is still poor and itchy, just now without any kind of yummy food to eat until our review conference on February 9th. NOT happy about that long wait. He's supposed to survive on all rice products and apples until then? I still don't know why she couldn't take a few minutes to look at his chart (or his back...hello!) and let me know what we are going to do in the long run. We may even look at a different doctor who isn't so cut and dry. We'll just have to see. Until then, we'll have rice coming out of our ears...or at least stuck in Brenden's hair.

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