Tuesday, January 20, 2009

M.I.A. (the acronym, not the rapper)

We've been seriously out of the loop for the last few days. Why? The Wii. The wonderful, time consuming, absolutely awesome Wii that we bought on Saturday. I think we've spent at least 6 hours a day playing the thing, if not longer. We also got a Wii Fit, which is fabulous. My favorite part? When it told me that my BMI was at a normal level and that I should just maintain. SWEET!!!! I've been working hard to loose weight and I'm glad that a video game noticed.

So for the past few days, when we haven't been out and about, we've been bowling, playing tennis, and doing balance games. If you want to have fun and work out some muscles (my shoulder is aching!) and have some extra money lying around then I would really recommend it. Brenden even has fun watching us play, which we try to do sparingly when he's awake. (Nap time is great for a game or twelve of bowling.) He does like the Fit board and running in place with us, which cracks me up.

Working up a sweat on the Wii Fit!

So that's what we've been doing most of the time. I promise the newness will wear off soon, but until then, please understand we aren't ignoring you. (Sorry, Karen!)

We did find some time on Sunday to go to the zoo with everyone again. Everyone included: Tim, me, Brenden, Ginger, Jim, Justin, Mike and Connie. This was the first time we've used our membership card since we got it in November and I really need to use it more often. I think we decided we only have to use it 5 times in the year to make our money back, but I'd like to use it a little more than that. We all had a great time enjoying the nice day and watching the animals. Brenden has even started trying to mimic their noises, which makes me laugh. He knows what to do when I ask him what a dog says, and he's working on meowing when I ask what a kitty says. Someday soon I hope I can get him to moo. Poor kid, I'm always making him show off the funny things he does. I promise I give him crackers for it, though.

Watching the sea lions.

He loves the carousel.

Another new skill is turning around in circles really fast. He just started doing it today and it really cracks me up. I think he's picking up a lot from the dance studio, including walking on his toes and tapping, which I don't mind. Actually, I walked on my toes a lot when I was little so he's predisposed to doing it anyway. I do need to watch him since I know that it can lead to shortened calf muscles, which was a worry when I was younger, but for now it's not constant like mine was so I'm not worried.

I haven't posted a link to pictures in a long time, so here is a link to a few new ones. I hope you all had a great, fun-filled weekend, too! I think I'll go play another game of tennis.

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