Thursday, August 26, 2010

Etsy Doll

I am in love with the website Etsy. You can find so many one of a kind things that are either antiques or handmade, most of which are awesome. There are some "not so awesome" items. For those please visit Regretsy. Although, be careful. Some of the things aren't necessarily safe to look at while at work and some are down right disturbing. But they are all real!

I found out about Etsy not long before our ultrasound to find out that Lauren was indeed a girl. I then spent hours pouring over hundreds of bows, hats, dresses and toys. One thing I really wanted her to have was a homemade doll. I had seen one on a blog I read and I loved the simplicity of it. Plus I really liked the idea of her having something that didn't come off of a store shelf and that was only meant for her.

After picking several different ones and saving them as favorites I asked Tim to weigh in. He was not a fan of my favorite doll, but agreed to let me have the final choice. I placed my order and sent the seller a message with my requests for hair color and dress color. In two weeks a brand new, one of a kind doll was in my mailbox and I loved it!

A few days ago we were out at Walmart for our weekly shopping trip. Lauren had a tiny doll in her stroller that she often chewed on and played with while we were out. Sometime along the way it fell out and we never found it. When we got home today I mentioned that I was sad Lauren had lost it and that I would have to look for a replacement when I went to Target. "Just give her that million dollar doll you had made," Tim replied. (It was not a million dollars, it was $20. And I have a receipt, Tim!) I jumped up and grabbed it, excited to see if she would even play with it.

It was definitely one of the happiest moments this week. She grabbed it, chewed on it a bit, and then her face lit up into a huge smile. She even giggled! It was fabulous. Tonight she fell asleep holding onto it's leg. Sorry, Tim. Your daughter shares my taste! :)

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