Friday, August 20, 2010

This Is Why I Need More Adult Interactions

Brenden is really starting to make sense now, at least when it comes to how well he's speaking. What he's actually saying is a completely different matter. Sometimes it's very logical. Other times...I have no idea. Here are a few of the random conversations I've had with him lately. And yes, most of the time he really does speak with an exclamation point.

Me: "Brenden, you act like a monkey!"
Brenden: "I'm not a monkey! I'm Brenden! I'm a big boy!"

Me, quizzing him on his knowledge of body parts: "Do you have ears?"
Brenden: "Yes."
Me: "Do you have knees?"
Brenden: "Yes."
Me: "Do you have eyes?"
Brenden: "Yep."
Me: "Do you have a tail?"
Brenden: "Nope! I have a booty!"
Me: "Do you have whiskers?"
Brenden: "Nooooo."
Me: "Who has whiskers?" (I expected to hear him tell me one of the dogs names, or maybe a cat."
Brenden: "Daddy! Daddy has whiskers on his face!"

While drawing happy faces...
Brenden: "Draw mommy!"
Me: *draws a happy face with curly hair*
Brenden: "Draw me!"
Me: *draws a happy face with a little hair on top*
Brenden: "Draw Lauren!"
Me: *draws a happy face with a little hair and a bow*
Brenden: "Draw daddy!"
Me: *draws a bigger version of the happy face that was supposed to be Brenden*
Brenden: "Mommy, you didn't draw daddy's crutches!"

In the candy aisle at Walmart...
Brenden: "No! I don't like that! It's gross! It smells like cat poop!"
Me: *blushes* *hurries away from the several people who are now giving me weird looks*

Brenden: "I'm a boy!"
Me: "Yep. Who else is a boy?"
Brenden: "Daddy."
Me: "Good job! What is mommy?"
Brenden: *sly smile* "You're a boy!" *laughs*
Me: "I don't think I'm a boy. What am I?"
Brenden: "You're a boy! Lauren's a boy, too!"
Me: "Okay, crazy. You know I'm not a boy. What am I?"
Brenden: *sighs* *rolls his eyes* "You're a girl. Lauren's a girl, too."
Me: "Thank you!"

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stevethree said...

Ah, I love it! Kids are so cute =)

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