Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend Wave Running

This past weekend was absolutely busy, but completely fun. Saturday night Tim, Lauren and I attended Tim's friends Emily and Geoff's wedding. They could not have picked a better day! The weather was wonderful, especially for August in Oklahoma. The venue was fantastic, and the bride looked gorgeous. They had some awesome food and enjoyed their first dance next to the pool. We were able to meet some really nice people and had fun cheesing in the photo booth. Thanks for inviting us Emily and Geoff!


While we were celebrating, Brenden was able to hang out with grandma and grandpa Kelly. He wasn't feeling super well, I don't think he's completely kicked the ear infection he had a few weeks ago, so they called it an early night. We did have a moment after we made it back to their house where Brenden was crying and Lauren was screaming (teething hurts!) and wow, it was busy. But we made it through and Mike and Connie were super nice and watched the kids for us the next morning so that Tim and I could get a little extra sleep. Thank you, guys!

Showing off their hats.

That morning, after Lauren showed off her new rolling skills, which really just means she rolls onto her tummy and gets stuck, we headed out to the lake. Mike and Connie bought a wave runner about a month ago and it needed some work so this was the first time they had a chance to try it out. It was so much fun!

We all had a chance to drive it and the person who enjoyed it the most was Brenden. I didn't think we would ever get him off of it! Tim and I did have a few spills and I cracked my nose on his back and then on his head (OUCH) but we all made it through with only minor injuries. Mostly Tim and I are burnt. My back is particularly painful and Tim's feet are super sensitive, but it was definitely worth it.

The Kelly Boys

All the fun wore Brenden out and he climbed into the "tent" we had built to protect Lauren from the sun and promptly fell asleep. Anytime he willingly takes a nap you know he's exhausted. I'm so glad that the kids are going to be able to grow up going to the lake. Considering Brenden's first trip on the boat was at 8 months and Lauren's first trip was at 6 weeks, I think they are off to a good start.

We love the lake!

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