Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bits and Pieces

Sometimes, I just want to record the beautiful, funny, or crazy memories that I don't want to lose. So that's what I'm going to do! It won't be a fluid story, but I know I'll be happy to have them.

  • The Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, Tim, Brenden and I were able to attend my friend Sara's wedding. The weather was beautiful, the food was fantastic, the bride looked gorgeous and the maid of honor speech was the best I've ever heard. However, the one thing that stood out to me about the whole day was the drive into town. Not long after we got into the car, Brenden realized that we were leaving Lauren with Mike and Connie. (She hadn't napped well and I didn't want to ruin a lovely wedding with a screaming baby.) He immediately started bawling and yelling, "I want my Lauren! I love her! I miss my sister!" I'll definitely have to remind him about that when he's a teenager and doesn't like her very much.
Brenden wanted to dance with the bride!

  • In the past few months they have become closer than I thought they could be. Lauren follows Brenden around like a shadow, constantly trying to do everything he does. She copies all of his noises and wants to sit in his chair all the time. Surprisingly, Brenden has been very willing to share with his sister, even when he's not asked. If he has an ice juice he makes sure to give her bites. When we went to Osakas while Karen was visiting he fed her soup and rice. He even gave her a drink of juice last night because he thought she looked thirsty. Many mornings I'll hear Brenden through the baby monitor, yelling at me that they are awake. When I walk into her room I find both of them in her crib, bouncing around like monkeys. Now that she can bop around in a little dance he holds her hands and dances with her while they giggle like crazy. He's also always worried about her getting sick, especially when it comes to the things she eats. He knows she can't have his milk or his peanut butter sandwiches. Again, I'll have to remind him when he's older that at one time he didn't think his sister was so bad.

  • Brenden has always been a ham and since starting preschool his repertoire of songs he sings has become huge. He sings all the time. In Walmart, in his room when he should be sleeping, while he's going to the bathroom, and just randomly walking around the house. This weekend he stayed with my parents while Tim was gone so that Lauren could go get her pictures taken. While on our way to the splash pad on Sunday, my mom texted me and told me to ask him about the song he made up for her. I'm not sure about the words but I think it was "I'm going to church with my grandma!" to some unknown tune. Then he added another line: "My mommy and daddy are taking me to the sprinklers!" When he first started singing it we thought it was a continuation of the first line. It became pretty obvious that he was adding on as he went. It cracked us up!

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