Thursday, June 9, 2011


My son cracks me up on a daily basis. Here are a few things he's said lately:

Me: "Brenden can you say 'Hello' in Spanish?"

Brenden: "Hello in Spanish!"

Me: *laughing* "Touche. Can you say 'Hola'?"

Brenden: "Hola. Como estas?"

Me: "Seriously? Thanks Handy Manny!"


Me: "Brenden, it's time to get up. We're late for t-ball!" (Note: He loves t-ball.)

Brenden: *yawns* " I don't want to go. Getting up makes me feel bad. This makes me feel better." *pulls blanket over his head*

Me: "You are 3, not 13, this is not allowed!"


Me: "Brenden, where do Gigi and Poppy live?"

Brenden: ....

Me: "They live where LuLu and Jim live. Where is that?"

Brenden: .... *grunts*

Me: "Brenden, do you know?"

Brenden: "Mommy, I don't want to talk to you. I want to look out the window."

Me: ....

My silly boy.

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