Sunday, June 26, 2011

Whee!! (Kiddie Park!!)

This past weekend my mom and I were able to take both kids to Kiddie Park in Bartlesville. They had both been before, but Lauren had never ridden a ride, apart from the train. I was finally ready to let her try a few and boy did she love it!

Brenden is an old pro at riding all the rides and was more than happy to show his sister how they worked. He even rode a few that he really didn't want to just to ride with her. *and then mommy's heart melts!* Her very first ride was the boats which I thought had straps until I put her into the seat. That was terrifying! Of course, she totally surprised me and sat the entire time, turning her steering wheel and having a blast.

That's one happy little girl!

After that they both rode the horses, which was not Brenden's favorite, but he decided it was okay because Lauren was going to be with him. Grandma stood next to the fence and they had the best time waving at her as they went around and around.

Hi, Grandma!

We decided that Brenden had been super nice and that he deserved to pick the next few rides. I rode Aquarius with him and then he went on the bumper cars for the first time. He made a friend in line and ended up riding in the same car with him, which was so sweet to see.


Our next stop was the train, which we all enjoyed. I thought Lauren would get really upset when we went through the dark tunnel and everyone screamed but all she did was stand really still with big eyes. She even learned how to say, "Toot, toot!"

Lauren's last ride was the cars which have been around for a very long time. I believe they were one of the first rides which means they have been around since the 1950's. (Some upgrades have been made of course.) Brenden was again a little too old for this ride but he was happy to snag the Thomas the Train car. I think this was Lauren's favorite ride. She spent the entire time with a huge smile on her face, squealing with delight.


Like I've said before, Kiddie Park is cheap and fun and a wonderful way to spend an evening with your little kids. Brenden's ready to go back already, and I must admit, I am, too!

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