Sunday, December 13, 2009

And her name shall be....

Lauren Suzanna Leigh Kelly!

I tried to name her a few other things. Addelyn (but I was NOT a fan of Addy) or Alivia. But those just didn't fit. My head hurt every time I thought about them. But Lauren, since the time I texted it to Tim, has stuck.

Suzanna is a mash up of Tim's mom's middle name (Sue) and my mom's middle name (Anna). Leigh is for my grandpa Halter, whose name was William Lee. We decided to change the spelling to the more feminine version. The "ren" even links her to Karen! :)

You may already know this from Facebook or from our Christmas card, but if not, then, surprise!

Yes, we named her a lot faster than we named Brenden, but it was just something we felt we wanted to do. I like knowing her name and I like knowing that I can teach Brenden who she is before he can really see her. A name just makes her that much more real in my head.

We can't wait to meet our little Lauren! I hope she likes pink! :)

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