Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holiday Party

Tuesday night Brenden, Tim and I headed over to Incredible Pizza for his civil group's holiday party. I had been hyping up pizza and games to Brenden all day so when he jumped out of the car he was ready. "Pizza!!! Pizza!!!" Yeah...he's so my kid.

We wandered in, found our party, and waited to be seated. Brenden kept making flirty eyes at someone and I finally got curious. "Who are you flirting with you silly boy?" I asked. "That girl over there!" he said, pointing to Tatum, Tim's boss's daughter, who I think is close to 12 years old. He likes the older ladies! And it's funnier because Brenden sleeps in Tatum's old room since we're renting the house from Tim's boss.

Eventually we visited the buffet, found our seats, and dug into our food. Brenden decided his favorite people were Tatum, of course, and her older brother, Drake. He was so excited that they were eating pizza, too, and kept telling them about it. Eventually he got worried when their plates were empty and even offered to share his pizza, jello and drink. They thought that was hilarious. Then they tried to get up to play games and he had a fit. Mona, their mom, offered to take him with them while Tim and I finished eating. A free babysitter for a few minutes. Yes, please!

By the time we made it over to the games he was running around like crazy, having a ball. Eventually we pried him away from the bouncy toys so that he could play ski ball, bowl, golf, drive go karts, etc. His favorite things were bowling and the go karts, which didn't surprise me at all. I was more shocked that he was actually allowed to ride in them! He even "won" a ribbon. (Big thanks to the guys running the game! They must know what a big deal a ribbon can be to a 2 year old.)

I did it!
His favorite ride!

Even though we were late for bedtime by over an hour it was totally worth it. We all had a great time and we're so thankful that Tim works at such a great office. Hopefully we can head back to Incredible Pizza soon. Anyone want to join us to run after Brenden for awhile? :)

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