Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Things I Miss (a photo post)

When Brenden would actually sleep somewhere besides a bed, in a completely dark room, with no toys.

When we could dress him up in all sorts of goofy outfits and he couldn't complain, even about the hats.

When he would actually WEAR hats for longer than 2 seconds. (Seriously, you'd think we were trying to force him into a torture device or something now.)

When he didn't scare kids by running at them, trying to hug them, hold their hands, and "box" them.

When we got big, happy smiles in front of the camera...

...instead of crazy, "can you see all my teeth? and up my nose" smiles.

When a simple box made one of the best toys.

Oh wait! :)

I wouldn't trade my 2 year old Brenden for anything. But I sure miss the little stuff!

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