Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What Else Would You Like?

Christmas cards...my least favorite part of Christmas time. My hand always cramps, finding everyone's addresses is never fun, and I never seem to have enough stamps.

I decided to remedy the stamp problem yesterday. I didn't think it would be that big of a deal, but Brenden decided to be a complete problem child. His new thing is saying "Owww!" every time I touch him when he doesn't want to stand still. He also decided to lay down on the floor, crawl under tables, yell, scream, cry...the works.

When we finally got up to the counter I figured the lady would glare at us and rush us through to get us out of her hair. Brenden couldn't see over the counter so he asked to be picked up. As soon as he could see the lady he said, "Cookie please!" My response? "What?!? Why in the world would you think you get cookies at the post office?" The lady was so funny. She told him she was sorry she didn't have cookies but if she had one she would definitely share. Another lady came up to me and tried to teach Brenden the sign for cookie, which he was not impressed with.

As we were leaving, a different lady stopped me and said that she had baked cookies for her daughter that afternoon and wished she had brought one in to give to "your cute little boy!" (I'm guessing that they all missed his horrid behavior. Who rewards that?!? Or finds it cute?!?) Not 2 seconds later her 14 year old daughter ran in with a big old chocolate chip cookie in her hand. "COOKIE!!! Thanks!!!" Brenden screeched. So of course I couldn't say no. He was so happy and that girl was ecstatic that she made his day.

Who knew that you could walk into a post office, act like a hoodlum, and still get a cookie. I guess you have to be 2 years old. I know I couldn't pull that off.

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