Tuesday, February 15, 2011

10 Months Old!

Somehow, in the middle of the snowpocolypse and the month of kleenex, we missed Lauren's 9 month check up. (Thanks again, Susan for the reminder!) Today we went in to make sure that she's still on track, plus I was hoping to hear she had gained some weight back. Her stats today were:

Length - 28 3/4 inches (75th percentile)

Weight - 19 lbs 9 oz (50th percentile)

Head - 18 inches (90th percentile)

She still has the extra brains in her head and has gained some weight back after being so sick. 18 lbs was just too small for her! She did surprise me by having another ear infection since she's been sleeping just fine and not running a fever. Her doctor is getting concerned, and it sounds like she might start pushing me to put a tube in her ear, but I'm hesitant. I think we'll take Tim's mom's advice and check with an ENT specialist first.

Other than her ear, she's absolutely perfect. If she's not eating or sleeping she's all over the house. She's gotten really quick! If you look away for any amount of time she'll be in the kitchen, playing in the dogs' water or trying to eat their food. She's absolutely amazed by singing and music and loves to clap and dance. Her favorite person is still Brenden, who is having moments when he really enjoys her, but she's also a big fan of her grandparents.

I got this spoon thing!

She spends most days trying to play with Brenden's toys, pushing every button
she can get to, and rearranging the letters on our fridge. Her favorite thing to say is "da da, da da, da DAHHHH!"...all day long. Every once in awhile she'll throw in a "ya ya" or "na na", but I'll only get "maaaa maaaa" if she's unhappy about something, like going to sleep for a nap.

I want to go to there!

She's definitely going to be independent and social, just not nearly as smiley as Brenden. Yesterday, we went out to eat with Mike and Connie for Valentine's Day and she spent half of lunch waving at people. The other day she used a spoon for the first time by herself and succeeded in getting at least half of it in her mouth. Today, to celebrate her 10 month birthday, she used a sippy cup twice without complaining. Before we know it, she'll be eating every meal on her own and running around the house after her brother.

I can do it!

Happy 10 month birthday, Lauren! We love you!

10 months old!

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