Friday, February 4, 2011

The Mom, The Broom and The Dustpan

There once was a mom that feared for the safety of her family's trampoline. Her fear was so great that she forewent her beauty sleep to save it from the evil ice and snow that threatened to break it.

Wielding a broom and a dustpan, she set out on her mission. The broom would return with no battle wounds. Unfortunately, the dustpan would not.

Her journey would not be without peril. Below the blanket of white lay obstacles that would endanger her ankles and cause her to exclaim things that made her glad her children were napping.

"What the...???"


She shoved, pulled, dug, scraped and kicked for over an hour before realizing that she would be unable to complete her task. At first she was disheartened, for she felt as though she had failed. But, when she stepped back to survey her work, it was clear that much had been accomplished and that the trampoline would most likely bounce back, as good as ever.

A mound of snow, 3 feet high.

A chunk of ice from the least 3 inches thick.

A little better.

The moral of the story? When your husband offers to scrape off the trampoline on Wednesday, say "YES." Otherwise, you'll feel so guilty that you'll feel compelled to do it yourself, which will suck.

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