Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Month of Kleenex

A month ago, I wrote this post. Today, I finally feel confident enough to say that we're on the mend. Yes, I realize even thinking that will surely strike us down with another round of the sickness, but I'm going to enjoy the less snotty, much less feverish, happier times while I can.

This was our life for a month!

A full month of ups and downs and medicine and a boot on my ankle...could it be any more fun? A week after Lauren started on her antibiotics to get rid of her ear infection, she threw up for the first time. When Brenden was a baby, he never threw up. Spit up? Yes...but it takes awhile to realize that there really is a difference between spit up and vomiting. Over the next 5 days, the only thing she kept down was Pedialyte. In a week she went from almost 20 lbs to 18 1/2 lbs. She has a check up tomorrow so I'm hoping to see her weight headed in the positive direction again. To make everything worse, the cold that we thought she kicked came right back, along with teething, so she pretty much didn't sleep for 2 weeks. Which means Tim and I didn't sleep for 2 weeks. We were not happy campers.

Brenden developed an ear infection a week after Lauren started throwing up, and then, at Panera Bread, he got sick all over our table. Thank goodness we had already taken Lauren in and had medicine that we could give him. The doctor even made sure to tell me that it was okay since it was pretty likely at least one of us would catch it. Zofran is a life saver. He's still got a cough, which we're all sharing, but he seems to be much better now.

After being stuck inside with all the sickies, Tim caught the gunk. Thankfully, it doesn't seem to have hit him too terribly. Or, he's just better at dealing with it. (But shhh...don't tell him I said that.) He didn't need a doctor's visit and he never had antibiotics, so I'd say he's doing well.

After my ear/sinus infection cleared, I caught the nasty cold that lead to a pretty bad cough. It was a chorus of sickness! Let me tell you...I love my kids' kisses and hugs, but their germs they can keep all to themselves. And now, on top of the lasting congestion and pressure in my ears, I'm in a lovely boot. Why? Remember the toe that was giving me so much trouble? It's still a pain, a constant pain, and in a last ditch effort to keep me from having to have surgery, I'm in a boot to stabilize it. My doctor only wanted me to try it for a week, so hopefully on Thursday he'll decide it worked and I can resume the ability to chase after my kids. I really don't want to even think about how surgery would effect my day. Too scary.

At least someone can enjoy it!

On a much happier note, the weather has been beautiful and the snow is melting! I am so ready for our backyard to be less of a mud pit. Our white dogs are not so white anymore!

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Stacy said...

I'm so glad you are all on the mend. Here's hoping you have good news at the foot doctor. Maybe later on Twitter we can put together a song about sick ears, nose, and toes. :)

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