Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bits and Pieces

  • Brenden has had some funny things to say lately. Recently, he asked his grandma Ginger where her elbow was and didn't understand that it hadn't disappeared. We could not convince him that she just had her arm straightened. Not long after that we were at her house and he tried to go into her office, which is where he usually plays. My mom had been shredding paper and hadn't had a chance to clean it up. He opened the door and said "Whoa! What happened?!?" Just the tone of his voice cracked us all up.

  • He's also started saying his prayers with me every night. It took me a few days to realize that the first thing that he was thanking God for was his Kendyl, which is his friend that he plays t-ball with. He also gives thanks for his mommy, daddy, Lauren, grandmas, and grandpa...we just don't rank as high. Kendyl comes up quite a bit during the day. I found him in his room telling someone about his new bubbles. I couldn't figure out who he was talking to so I asked him. His reply? "My friend, my thumb. Her name is Kendyl." Yep, he was talking to his thumb and pretending it was Kendyl. Crazy little boy.

  • Lauren is doing fine with the tubes in her ears. Both her pediatrician and the ENT told me that she would be a completely different baby and my reply was always "I hope not!" She's a pretty easy going kid. The differences I've seen aren't in her behavior or her sleep, it's been in how social she's become and a complete lack of fear. When we go out to eat or to the store she smiles, waves and says "hi!" to almost everyone. The other day she managed to push her car over to the couch, crawled in it and then out the window onto the couch. Several times I've caught her standing in Brenden's folding chair. She wasn't trying to reach anything, she just wanted to stand in it. I'm definitely going to have to watch her as close, or closer, than I watched Brenden. She's a firecracker!

  • In her room, instead of a rug, we have foam puzzle pieces. If I need to change her, I usually ask Brenden to do a puzzle for me to keep him busy. Lauren has picked up on how the pieces work and loves playing with it. The other day we started passing a piece back and forth and suddenly she started to put it into my hand and then pulled it back. Finally, after I said "please" she placed it in my hand, then grabbed my arm and made me sign "thank you." I hope those manners stick with her!

  • There have been several times in the past few weeks where Brenden's happiness and kind heart have made me smile. During the Easter Egg hunt at church I saw him try to give other kids eggs several times. I thought for sure that he would be the type to hoard every one he picked up, but of course he surprised me. Also, at his t-ball game he was playing 1st base. Instead of going for the ball or waiting for someone to throw to him he ran to the kid who had just hit and made sure to high five them and tell them they were doing a good job. I just love my little boy!
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