Thursday, April 28, 2011

One Year Well Baby Checkup

Lauren was scheduled for her one year check up a few weeks ago but it fell on a day when we had much more important things to do. So I had to schedule it for today. Thankfully her ears look great (green tubes! My favorite color.) and she's growing and learning right on track. She even said "bye bye" to the doctor, which is the first time she's said it correctly, and "thank you."

Here are her one year stats:

Weight - 21.2 lbs (50th percentile)
Length - 30 1/2 in (89th percentile)
Head - 18 1/2 in (90th percentile)

So since birth she's gained 14.1 lbs and grown 10 1/2 inches. She almost exactly tripled her weight and doubled her length. Babies are such amazing little things!

I wasn't surprised that she hasn't gained much in the last few months. She's moving around a bunch and eating a ton so I know she's just burning it off. I thought she'd be taller but I didn't expect her to be over 30 inches. Her head...we knew it wasn't tiny. :) Although yay for not being over the 100th percentile!

She's walking more every day, talking up a storm (just today she said "hot" correctly and last night she called her dad "stinky") and is really enjoying life. I couldn't ask for much more.

Pretending to talk to daddy on mommy's phone.

She has no fear.

First sucker!

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