Monday, April 4, 2011

Lauren's Ears

A few months ago, I had a mini rant about a doctor that had only seen Lauren once telling me that she needed a tube in her ear. It wasn't just that he was saying my daughter needed surgery (yes, I know it's a small one, but it's still surgery.) but the attitude with which he told me. I don't do well with being told something in a condescending manner. However, since then, Lauren has had infection after infection, all sorts of antibiotics, and is still suffering.

We were referred to an ENT by her pediatrician and I was very happy to see him. He has a very gentle way with kids and explained exactly what was going on and what would be the best way to remedy it. Lauren has fluid behind both of her eardrums which isn't currently causing her pain, but most likely will soon. Considering she just finished a third round of antibiotics to clear this up, it's pretty obvious that what we've been doing isn't working.

So, on the 22nd, we will be taking her in for tubes. She won't be completely sedated, won't even have an iv, and it should be very quick. He said it takes about 6 minutes per ear and he'll suction out all of the fluid at that time. I have a feeling that this will help her balance tremendously. Not long ago I had fluid in my ears and it was excruciating. I cannot imagine teething pain on top of that. Knowing that she is in so much pain is really what made up my mind. If something so simple can help her, why wouldn't we do it?

Hopefully soon this will all be a distant memory and her ears will stay clear. I need to get Brenden in to see him as well. I'm pretty sure he'll end up having to get tubes, too, and I think it will be a bit more traumatic for him. But again, if it helps clear up the ear infections that we've been battling for months, it will be worth it. Plus, he hates the medicine. He keeps telling me it's yucky and makes his stomach hurt.

Someday we will all be whole and well and I will be so SO happy!

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