Thursday, September 1, 2011

Goodbye, Roadrunner.

Jim was Tim's grandma's boyfriend. He was a part of Tim mom's side of the family long before I was. He loved the kids and was one of the first to give them nicknames right after they were born. I'm not sure how Brenden became "Coyote" and Lauren became "Pistol", but I loved it. Brenden started calling him  "Roadrunner" this past summer and they both thought it was hilarious.

Jim has been battling with several different kinds of cancer for awhile now. He did really well at first but eventually his body just couldn't handle it. His family moved him back to Colorado a few months ago so they could spend as much time as possible with him and today he passed away. My heart hurts for his family and Tim's grandma, Grace. We were so close to getting to see him this weekend and I know that Brenden was excited. (Jim always made sure he was stocked up on candy before we showed up.)

Goodbye, Roadrunner. We love and miss you.

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