Monday, September 5, 2011

Lauren-isms: Chatterbox

Every day, Lauren says something new. Sometimes it's her parroting us, but often times it's not. It's been especially obvious since we've been in Colorado.

Today, while we were visiting Rick at the hospital, she and Brenden were trying to climb into the wheel chair so we could go on a walk. Lauren was struggling to get her knee up onto the seat. Brenden was getting bored waiting for her (all of 3 seconds) and whined, "She can't get up!'

Lauren replied loudly, and clearly, "I can get up!" It was hilarious!

Other things she likes to say:

"I did it!"

"Wow! What's that?"

"Wow! That's great!"


"I got a ball!"

"I gotta go potty!"

She's also starting to clearly say some new words like "Brenden", "mommy", "daddy", "up", "down", "Maverick", "Bailey", "button" and "book".

Maybe tomorrow she'll break out a new paragraph. With this kid, I never know.

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