Friday, April 17, 2009

Colorado Trip - Part 2

I guess I better finish off the trip! Again, we'll go with days because I just do not have the brain power or writing ability to make it a nice story. :)

Saturday and Sunday

Can you say LLLAAAAZZZZYYY?? I have not slept that much since the last 4 weeks of my pregnancy with Brenden when I was done with work and was ready to have him. (No, nesting never got to me.) We made a few trips to the store, watched Yes Man, which was pretty funny, and played in the yard. On Easter Sunday Brenden woke up nice and early and could barely contain himself when he saw yet another basket full of goodies. Counting the other grandparents and us he ended up with 4 total. Spoiled much? :) Of course one of the first things he grabbed at was the bubbles, which he loves and can actually say. "Bubble!" he kept squealing. I assured him that if he ate he could play with them but he wasn't willing to wait. We eventually gave in and let him chase a few around the kitchen. These weren't those tiny bubbles, either. They were big old melon sized ones, and he had a blast. That evening we ate Karen's super yummy meatloaf and some candied sweet potatoes, which I am now addicted to. Forget Bueno, the next time I'm pregnant I'm eating those!

Happy Easter!


Seriously, we're lazy. It was wonderful.


We finally got around to a day when Brenden could go out and find Easter eggs. He was an old pro at it by now and found all of them in about 5 minutes. He couldn't wait to get inside to eat them so he sat down in the grass and started popping them open. Caramel for breakfast? Only at Easter time. :)
I found them!

Momma as the Easter Bunny, with her adorable little man.

That afternoon, after cleaning Brenden up and somehow getting his sugar-filled self down for a nap, we headed to the Wildlife Experience. The parking lot wasn't full, but the museum was even more empty. It was like it was closed down just for us, which is mostly good, and kind of sad. Brenden loves interacting with other kids, so he probably would have enjoyed it more if there were other people, but he still had a great time.

He got to pretend to be several different animals: a chipmunk, a penguin, and a Nemo fish. He had a blast listening to a huge fly tell gross jokes and climbed up and slid down a huge slide on a submarine. We will definitely go back there again. Tim would have loved the Animal Grossology exhibit just as much as Brenden did.

Yes, that wall says "Vomit Slurpers." But the fly was hilarious!

That evening we brought the bubbles back out and let Brenden chase them in the yard. I'm not sure who had more fun, Brenden, grandma, or Bailey. :)


Time to pack up and head home! Jason and Chrissy were also planning on flying out of Denver that day to head to California. Somehow I got lucky and they were flying out only 15 minutes before me so they offered to help me through security. I would have gone crazy without them so a huge THANK YOU to them! Once we got to our gate Brenden entertained himself by pushing the stroller around and around and making faces at people. When we boarded I took a chance and sat by a gentleman right at the front. There was a seat between us and we heard it was a full flight so I was just waiting to see who would end up last on the plane and stuck next to us. What actually ended up happening was a family boarded, couldn't find a seat together, and the flight attendant asked someone to move or otherwise offer free babysitting to the 3 and 4 year old boys. Funny enough, someone moved. The lady that ended up next to us was so nice and played with Brenden, or let him play with her iPhone, until he fell asleep right after takeoff. I was totally blessed on both flights to have someone next to me who liked kids and who talked me through my fear of flying.

The scene at the security gate was exactly as I imagined. I didn't put Brenden in his stroller because I knew he would go crazy once he saw his dad. When he realized who he was, from about 30 feet away, he started squirming and screaming, "Dada!" so I let him down. Both of their faces were priceless and I wish I could have pulled my camera out fast enough.

It was a wonderful trip and I am so glad that we got to make it. Brenden learned a ton of new things, like what a frog, owl and monkey say, and how to sing "to you" in Happy Birthday. (I'll post a's hilarious!) We sure do miss gah-ma and gah-pa, but we'll see them soon!

Pictures from Colorado! Part 1, Part 2, and the Wildlife Experience!

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