Sunday, April 5, 2009

Congratuations Mr. and Mrs. Stewart!

Mr. an Mrs. Stewart!

Yesterday evening we were invited to attend our friends Wes and Anna's wedding. Tim was an usher so we arrived around 5 pm so that he could get into his tux and take pictures. Brenden and I kept ourselves busy climbing up and down stairs and telling the cake lady where everything was supposed to be.

I'd love to show you a picture of the gorgeous bride and happy groom during the ceremony, but this was my view at 7 pm when it started...

Needless to say, Brenden was exhausted. Not long before the ceremony he flipped out, screaming inconsolably. I drove around, listening to "Mockingbird" at least 20 times, for about 20 minutes until he passed out. He slept for 30 minutes and I played on my phone while people walked by us in the parking lot. I'm sure they thought I was slightly strange.

At about 7:30 pm he woke up in a decent mood and since I could see people milling around outside the building I knew it was time for the reception. He was totally excited to see his dad again and had a wonderful time chasing the girls around, stopping occasionally to wiggle to the music.

Dancing with dad.

Chasing the girls.

Not sure what this is about...but it's funny!

We headed home around 9 pm and he entertained us with his sleepy sillies until we pulled into the driveway at 10 pm. I kept my fingers crossed that getting to sleep so late would mean a little bit of sleeping in. Well...that's not how Brenden works. 6:30 am rolled around and he was ready to get up and go. It may not have been the most relaxing weekend, but it was interesting! :)

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