Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Playgroup = FAIL

I have been trying to find a playgroup for months that was relatively close to the type of playgroup that I went to in Colorado Springs. A group of stay at home moms that got together around once a week just to let their kids play and to have actual adult conversations. I've looked into a few on meetup.com but none of them sounded like what I was looking for. Then this weekend someone started a new one and the first meeting was at the Tulsa Zoo at 10 am. I thought, "Hey! Let's try this one!"

So this morning we got up (around 8 am...so nice!) and got ready to head out. Brenden has been drooling again, biting on his fingers, and waking up at night. Evil 2nd molars! I was a little nervous he would be a mess but a few teething tablets helped with the screeching. We got to the zoo at about 9:57, which for me is good! The parking lot seemed really busy, which is strange since it's Tuesday and school is still in. Well school was exactly what made today so difficult! I walked up to the gate and realized there were about 10 groups meeting there, some with school aged kids and others with kids around Brenden's age. I asked one of the zoo employees what was going on and she said that the last few weeks of school meant that everyone, including preschools, was bringing their classes to to the zoo for field trips. Uh oh.

I wandered around outside for awhile, trying to find someone that matched the picture I saw online of the organizer, who I knew would be there. After about 15 minutes I gave up and went inside. We looked at a few animals and I kept up my search for the missing playgroup. I didn't realize that she had put her phone number online, but I'm not sure I would have called. I don't know these people and I'm not sure if they are the type that would understand or make fun of me. I wasn't in the mood to be made fun of.

Hey there! You're big!

Brenden got up close to an ostrich, watched the penguins swim, and made friends with one of the zoo employees that was driving a cart around. We went to look at the monkeys and there Brenden decided to try to play with another little girl. She was not interested at all. After a minute of being rejected Brenden turned around to run a different direction, right as the little girl went the same way. BAM! They smacked into each other and that poor little girl went down. Brenden, being the solid tree-like child he is, hardly budged. I asked if she was OK and her dad glared at me and said, "She has a bloody lip." Um, ok there dude. They both went running, it's called an accident. I even offered a tissue but the guy just stalked off. I told Brenden to say he was sorry and he burst into tears. That was when I gave up on the zoo for the day.

Brenden went to sleep pretty quickly when we got home. Those molars really take it out of him. I think I'll try to meet up with the ladies again, I did send an "I'm sorry" email, so maybe it won't be a FAIL in the long run. We shall see!

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