Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hair, it is a-changin'

**FYI: If you click on the pictures, most of them will enlarge. Just so you know. :)**

When Brenden was born his hair, although not thick, was extremely dark brown and very noticeable, especially on the back of his head. He had a sort of baby mullet going on. Like most babies, in his first 6 months he wiggled and jiggled his head until most of the hair was gone. Unlike most babies, he also had eczema that caused his scalp, along with the rest of his body, to be covered in itchy, red, bumpy sores so his hair really never had a chance to grow.

A few days old. Dark brown hair eyes? I can't remember blue eyes! :)

Thankfully we annoyed the doctor at Evans Army Community Hospital (aka: EACH) until they allowed us to see an allergist. It was a horrible experience for both Brenden and I (Tim was lucky enough to be at work, although I'm sure he'd argue that he had to watch Brenden have his foot lanced for tests when he was first born, but, whatever...) when he had his poor back poked 15 times to test for allergies to milk, eggs, dogs, cats, peanuts, wheat, etc. Granted, it was quick with the 5 prong-thing they used, but it was still painful and probably extremely itchy. I'm so glad he can't remember it. I, on the other hand, will always remember having to hold his arms down for 20 minutes until they could read the test. I will very vividly remember the nurse coming in and grimacing at Brenden, who cried the entire time, and then asking me, "Is he ok?" Heck no, he wasn't ok! He just had his back stabbed 15 times and I can't explain to him that it will help him feel better!!! URGH

He was so happy, even with the scratches on his forehead. :(

Ok, I got off track. So that test told us that he was allergic to eggs and dogs and the allergist, whose name I can't remember, presented us with Protopic and a prescription for Allegra. In a week, Brenden had quit scratching, his skin was almost clear, and we no longer had to put socks on his hands at night to keep him from tearing his face and scalp to shreds. The other result was that his hair started to grow, and grow quickly, From 7 months to 12 months of age he went from practically bald to having ringlets around his ears.

7 months old, almost no hair, plus sock.

12 months old, little curls!

That was when I realized that his hair was no longer dark brown, like mine. Instead it was a lighter brown with hints of blond and red. It was almost exactly the same shade as Tim's (when he doesn't use gel) which really added to the "He looks so much like his daddy!" that I heard everywhere we went. Even if Tim wasn't with me, people would assume that he was his dad's twin, which he was for a very long time. Now I can see a little bit of me in him, but not much. :)

I love looking like my daddy!

Today he was playing with my cell phone, something that happens A LOT, when I started messing with his hair. I've been saying for weeks that his hair is getting lighter at the roots as it grows out, but today I realized I was wrong. It's not lighter at the roots; his new hair that is growing in is a completely different shade. It's almost a white-blond and it's a different texture than the longer hair. It's not noticeable yet in pictures, but my mom commented to me the other day that his hair was looking different so I know I'm not crazy. (Ok, just a little crazy, but not about this....haha!) Tim was a towheaded kid when he was little, but he was born with light hair that got darker as he got older. Maybe Brenden will be the opposite. A blond-haired, brown-eyed little boy? I can deal with that. :)

His hair could fall out and never come back and we'd still think he's the cutest kid, ever!

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