Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy (early) Easter!

Since Brenden and I will be in Colorado over Easter and this weekend is packed full of everything imaginable, we decided to have a little Easter party tonight. We all headed to Mike and Connie's for some pizza and egg hunting and dying. I wasn't sure how well Brenden would do with the cool colored water but he caught on quickly when we told him to drop the eggs in. Hunting for eggs was about the same. We weren't out the door 2 seconds when he spotted the first one and ran right at it. We didn't even have to tell him to search for them. We did have to coax him to let go of them to put them in the basket, but who can blame him...they were filled with money! (Quarters that is.) He found all 5 eggs in roughly 2 minutes so we all started sneaking eggs out of his basket and re-hiding them. Eventually he was tired of hunting so we went back inside for a very long game of chase. We're really hoping he sleeps well tonight!

Here he is, searching for eggs! Please ignore the random shots of my big booty...and the moment where Tim forgot he was filming and turned the camera sideways. :)

Here are a few pictures. You can tell he was intent on those eggs! There are some more pictures here. :)

And now it goes here!


He's not the center of attention or anything. :)

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