Thursday, March 12, 2009

Things I've Learned in the Last Week or So

The Happy List!

1. Birthdays no longer have to be a HUGE social event involving everyone I know and their long lost cousin who is in for the weekend. An afternoon spent building an outdoor toy, laughing at my son chasing bubbles, and eating super yummy food is much more enjoyable. Plus, no hangover. HA!

My mom's brownie sheet cake...absolutely the best!

Chasing bubbles!

How many men does it take to put a toy together?? hehe

2. $100 dollars and a chance to go shopping with just my mom makes me VERY happy! (a new book and shirt just add to the happiness!) Thanks, mom and dad!

And it's a series so I can ask for more!

3. A Coach purse and a pretty container full of the yummiest peanut butter balls ever make my day! Thanks, Mike and Connie!

Never in a million years did I think I'd have an actual one of these!

Be jealous...very jealous. :)

4. The Harry Potter game for the Wii is extremely addictive. I have to have at least 2 hours to commit to it. Thanks, Justin!

5. Jason Mraz tickets are NOTHING like getting a bowling ball with my husband's name on it, even if he's getting a ticket, too. Thanks, Tim!

6. Receiving extremely fresh flowers that not only look beautiful, but smell amazing, is fabulous! Thanks, Karen and Rick!

They smell soooo good!

I love these flowers.

7. Birthday cards in the mailbox always brighten my day! Thanks, Dan and Ginny, Grace and Jim, Ralph, Pat, Elaine and the OSU Alumni Association! hehe

8. Coupons can make great gifts! Thanks, Shelly!

9. Suffering for a day after eating the food at Casa Bonita is worth it. At least it is once every 10 years or so, which is just enough time to forget how bad it was previously. It's especially worth it when I get to watch Tim try to teach Brenden how to play Ski Ball.

He really didn't get the concept of "rolling".

He doesn't look happy here, but he loved this ride!

10. Sitting in an Urgent Care waiting room for 3 hours can pay off when the doctor gives your child medicine that is guaranteed to help in 4-6 hours. It's a bonus to get Arby's on the way home. What tops it all off? Having the sick toddler sleep in until 8:30 am and then ask "please" to go down for naps.

11. Having your son tell you he loves you, without being prompted, in front of other people, brings on the happy tears like nothing else can.

The Not-So-Happy List

1. Being woken up by a toddler with a cough like a seal barking is horrible...almost worse than an ear infection. I know how to help ear infections...I had no clue on how to deal with his seal barking or talking like an old woman who has smoked for 50 years.

2. Psycho mommies can fly off the handle about something as tiny as asking their daughter if she wants to remove a band aid that was falling off anyway. Offering their money back in hopes that they will leave may not always work. For some reason they enjoy torturing dance teachers.

3. Just when you think March has decided to be warm and sunny it changes it's mind and you wake up to sleet and freezing weather. MAKE UP YOUR MIND, MARCH!

4. Trying to convince a very sick toddler that sleeping is really the best thing to do, especially at midnight, is impossible without actually holding him. However, getting to enjoy snuggling with my son, who usually can't fall sleep if I'm even in the same room, was an unexpected bonus.

5. A tongue, when bitten, can bleed so much that you think that surely a tooth must be missing. Trying to convince a toddler to let you look in their mouth so you can confirm whether or not a tooth is missing is impossible.

It looked bad right after...

...but it looked worse the next day.

These are just the few things I could remember. Notice that my Happy list is much longer than my No-So-Happy list. I am very lucky and extremely thankful!

How could I feel unhappy with this crazy monkey making me smile?!?

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